Nancy Bardos headshotThe “arts”…a small word, yet it encompasses an enormous range of expression in our world.

Among other things, creative works of all sizes, shapes and mediums comfort us, bring us joy, make us weep and laugh, provoke us, shift us, question us, astound us, awaken us, dazzle us and yes, even heal us.

Whether we are the makers or the seekers of any of this vast array of artfulness makes no difference. We will be touched, at one time or another, in our deepest places and we will know it.

Like many, I am both maker and seeker. And I rest in the joy of the gift of such a blessing in my life.

Thank you so much for browsing through my work. I hope you enjoy it.  I am currently exploring new ways of making images …primarily by joining the ranks of iPhoneographers. The iPhone and its apps provide a stunning array of creative possibility in the palm of one’s hand and is truly on the cutting edge of modern photography.

Simultaneously, I am exploring old-fashioned pencils, pens and watercolor paints in a small sketchbook.

There is not enough time in the day……..

nancy bardos



  1. WOW! How fantastic, edgy, cool, and just damn neat your art is, Nancy!

  2. Nancy, the scope of your talent is astounding! What a gift you have. I am amazed.

  3. Just the beginning of a cite to hold some of your wonderful creations. Blessings on your work. Elin

  4. I just love everything you do. Such an amazing creative artist. BRAVO


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